Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rock and roll keychains

I guess I just need to admit that I'm really enamored with keychains and tags right now.  I made these for someone to give as a gift to a musician who plays guitar. Since that was all I knew I did a little review through her Instagram account to see what kind of guitar we were talking about...acoustic? Electric?  Some other kind that I don't know about since I know very little about guitars?  I like to think of myself as an investigator but some people might choose the word "stalker".  Tomayto, tomahto. 

Instagram revealed we were talking about an electric guitar so I settled on two ideas: A guitar body and a guitar head.  

Both pieces started out with a sterling silhouette that I cut out to attach to the copper background.  I googled images of guitars and just did the best I could freehand with these.

Then the fun part started: adding the copper and sterling embellishments.

I sanded and polished them and then added a liver of sulfur patina.  I like the outcome so I'll keep doing LOS, but WOW I really hate polishing off just the right amount to get the finished product where I want it.

I like the way they both turned out but I really love the one with the guitar body.  A lot.  Probably because of all the care and time it took to apply all of those little elements...  


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