Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Time to catch up!

We brought this beautiful girl home right before Thanksgiving:


She has a sweet demeanor and her size doesn't stop her from sitting on my lap or snuggling with us.

I spent some time working on gifts over the past couple of months, starting with a keychain for someone who has her own photography business.  I was going for a retro comic book feel and I really love how it turned out.

In progress:


And complete.  I like the rustic look and the heat patina on the copper.


I also finally finished a ring repair that I had started but set aside while waiting for materials.

In progress:

And all done:

It turns out I might have a thing for making keychains.  A couple more that were gifts:

And a softball pendant for a friend's daughter.

And my guys got me a few new pancake dies for Christmas - I can't wait to give these a test run!


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