Friday, April 4, 2014

Ear tunnels for gauged ears

On the outside, I probably appear sort of conservative.  I dress fairly conservatively.  I like dresses and skirts and heels and generally cute or preppy stuff. I don't wear low cut things (hello, what's the point) or short hems (my thighs are a trouble zone).  I have not one single tattoo and just my ears are pierced.

On the inside, though, I appreciate all things alternative and edgy.  I love tattoos and piercings alllllll over the place. Sleeve tattoos? AMAZING.  Nose, lip, eyebrow, belly piercings?  YES.

I'm trying to warm up to ear gauging.  In theory, I love it.  But I have to admit that there's something about making a hole you can actually see through in your ear lobe that makes me kind of queasy.  I can't watch someone put in ear plugs because it makes me want to shriek.  But I also can't watch gory movies so maybe it's the same issue.

Here are my first couple sets of ear tunnels made with 2g sterling silver.  I gave one pair to someone who can test them and give me feedback and suggest improvements and the other pair is listed in my Etsy shop here.

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