Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dracula Halloween

Ben is all about Dracula this season.  We saw the movie Hotel Transylvania several weeks ago when it opened (which was surprisingly entertaining from my point of view - I had very low expectations but really enjoyed it) and after that, he decided he wanted to be Dracula for Halloween. He also asked for a Dracula cake for his birthday - specifically, Dracula resting in his coffin.

Here is Dracula getting ready to go to a Halloween celebration at the zoo:

And later, we had a family celebration for Ben's birthday with his Dracula cake. 

The coffin is cake and the lid is made with rice krispie treats - all covered in fondant.  Dracula is technically edible, all fondant.  The skulls and bones are all chocolate made in silicone molds. Happy Birthday, Ben!

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