Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter eggs with a twist

I saw these on the Martha Stewart website. They look like regular Easter eggs, but they are more like tiny pinatas...maybe. The kind you don't hang up and beat with a stick.  And who doesn't like pinatas?

The biggest issue we had with this project was finding an egg topper (Martha used a dremel tool, but mine is dedicated to jewelry so that wasn't an option for us). I live and work in different cities, and I visited every big box and kitchen store in both places that I thought might have egg toppers with no luck.  I finally resorted to ordering one from Amazon and then checked the shipping status every 40 seconds, worrying that it wouldn't arrive in time to use before Easter.  But it arrived this week, so Ben and I were able to make our little egg pinatas after all.

The online reviews for this little contraption were sort of sketchy, but Ben and I had a great time using it.  We even had a brief struggle over who would get to run it before I remembered that I was supposed to be the adult and that I could use it all I wanted after he went to bed.  So I stabilized the eggs and Ben ran the topper.  If you've never used one, here's the trick: apply some pressure to the egg, pushing it into the topper so it doesn't slide around and the little teeth can catch.  It does exactly what it says it will: cuts the top off.  It's like giving eggs lobotomies.

Once the lobotomies were done, I rinsed the shells out and boiled them for 20 minutes to sterilize them.  Then we colored them and hung them to dry overnight (we used these little coffee stirrers shoved into the egg carton). 

We had a serious discussion about whether or not it would be disgusting to put unwrapped candy inside of them, but in the end it really just came down to logistics; there are very few wrapped candies that would fit into our egg pinatas without taking up all the space inside.  And I did boil the shells and clean them out, so we went with a mix of jellybeans, m&ms, and mini Reese's eggs.

We added the candy and attached mini cupcake wrappers to the bottom of them with the edible sugar glue I use for caking...just in case it came into contact with the candy.

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