Friday, October 21, 2011

The second birthday cake

The Monster House rice krispie cake was gone by the time Ben's actual birthday rolled around.  For his celebration at home, he picked a chocolate cake in the shape of a pumpkin.  I told myself I was going to make it small since it was the second cake and it was just for our family....but that didn't really happen.

I made two chocolate cakes in bundt pans and stacked them with chocolate malt buttercream filling and frosting.  Before I covered them with fondant I turned a small mason jar over (I have a lot of those around) to put in the center part of the cake to support the stem. 

A round of airbrush (have I mentioned how much I love that machine??) and some black fondant pieces for the face finished it off.

I didn't know where to put the candle, so I made a chocolate shot glass with this silicone Halloween mold and filled it with frosting to hold it.  The online reviews for it aren't very good, but I've used it with poured sugar and chocolate and it's easy to use and always works on the first try. 

Time to turn my attention back to the jewelry for a while...the Bizarre Bazaar is in about a month and I still have a lot of prep to do for that!

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