Friday, August 19, 2011

Catching up

I have actually been making things, I just haven't gotten things organized and photographed.  So this is just a quick update.

My sister made a lemon/blueberry cake for some friends who were getting married and asked if I would help decorate it.  So she made all of the materials and I just put it together.  I think she uses an Italian meringue buttercream recipe-it sounded like the recipes I've seen for it, anyway.  I've never tried it, and that's because every single review I've seen for it raved about how it wasn't as sweet as a regular buttercream.  Why would anyone want that? It was really light and decorating with stabilized whipped cream. Easy to frost with, but not so good for piping.

I've also done some glass work in the last couple of weeks, starting with a few simple necklaces on leather cords.

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