Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random bits

I've been pretty scattered the last couple of weeks with cake and jewelry work, and getting the photos up just never came together.  So this is more of a catch up post than anything else.

I did some sterling fold forming last weekend that I used for earrings.  The first pair is about an inch long and the second is about an inch and a half--pretty big pieces.

I've done several lampworking sessions lately and am starting to put the beads to use--this pair of earrings was a gift, so I had to get them done and out first.

On the cake front, I helped my friend Kelli do the decorating for a wedding cake.  She was looking for a way to get a floral damask pattern on the cake without piping it on in frosting.  I downloaded an image and used the Make The Cut software with the Cricut Cake to cut out the pattern and we arranged it on the cake tiers the night before the wedding.  Make no mistake--this was her project; I only helped with the damask pattern on the sides. Kelli baked the cakes, she covered them, she added the monogram and the flowers. It turned out fabulous, if you ask me--we make a great team!

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