Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hybrid cupcakes

Hally has mentioned a couple of times (or about a thousand, maybe) that when she was in grade school, she wanted a very specific birthday cupcake for her school party.  Since her birthday falls between Halloween and Thanksgiving, she wanted cupcakes made in a Halloween wrapper that looked like a turkey on top.  It sounds like she got a part of that order, but not all put together the way she envisioned.

So this year for her birthday, I made her the cupcakes she wanted when she was eight.

First, the turkey toppers.  I made them using Bakerella's cake pop method...and every time I make those things, I swear I won't make them again.  They just take for. ev. er.  But there are times when a situation calls for cake pops, and this was one of them.

I used chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting for the base of the cake pop and covered it in chocolate.  Then I attached the embellishments with melted chocolate.  I really like how....alarmed they all look.

I got Halloween-y cupcake wrappers and picks on clearance and used those to make the other half of Hally's vision come true.

Hally's boyfriend planned a little surprise birthday party for her at the bowling alley where she works.  We had the place all to ourselves and had a great time--happy birthday, Hal!

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