Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sterling and hematite necklace

I started this necklace several weeks ago, but kept running into trouble about what to do for the chain.  I made a sterling link chain for it initially, but it was too big for the pendant and looked terrible when I added it.  So I used that chain on the shapes necklace I posted earlier this month and kept messing around with this one.

Martha Stewart says to plant bulbs in threes and fives (or maybe she didn't, but someone told me she did), and I tend to think about that when I am mapping out a project.  I don't always stick to it, but I definitely start from there--the odd numbers do generally look better.

I used scalloped bezel wire and cut the back plate to mimic that pattern. I planned on putting a rivet at one end and hang the pendant vertically, but I couldn't shake the image of a snowman when I looked at it that way.  See it?  That made me think for one fleeting moment that maybe I should try sketching my ideas before I cut the silver.     

So I turned it horizontally, added sterling rivets, and used a scribe to add some random lines for texture.

After trying a couple of chain options, I finally settled on a leather cord instead. 

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