Friday, July 23, 2010

Side trip: fireworks show

We spent the Fourth of July with family and had a great time.  The boys and I shopped for fireworks in the tents that are put up for three glorious days and opted for fewer, bigger items rather than a ton of little crappy things.  I blocked all attempts to add firecrackers...I don't understand them.  They scare animals (and me) and don't really do much visually, so I'm not a fan. Sara complained loudly about fireworks in general, but when it was time to light fuses, she was front and center.  She and Gage handled all of that and put on a beautiful show, and I got to try out the night setting on the camera.

I should disclose that I read absolutely *none* of the instructions about using that setting. I'm sure they could be better, but I was surprised at how well they did turn out with no effort from me.

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