Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cricut Cake: the trial run

Last night, Ben helped me try out the Cricut Cake. It was easy to set up--basically plug and play--and we had great success with our first attempt.

Between the time I knew I was getting the CC and the time it arrived, I watched some YouTube videos to pick up some tips and tricks for use. A couple of things that were universally recommended were to roll out the material directly on the cutting mat and to let it rest for about 15 minutes before cutting. (Some people even put the mat with the fondant or gumpaste attached into the freezer for a few minutes. I didn't do that, but would have if the fondant didn't firm up.)

I used Wilton fondant, primarily because it is fairly dry compared to marshmallow fondant. I think if I use MMF, I will add some tylose powder to keep it from sticking during cutting.

Since these were test pieces, I didn't add color to the fondant before cutting. I used the Wilton color mist spray and edible ink markers on them after the fact...a rush job, so pardon the coloring issues!

These were our first shot at it:

So far, so good! More to come...

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