Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crystals and a cupcake

I have had these Swarovski crystals for a couple of months. I kept getting them out, thinking about what to do with them, and putting them away because I wasn't sure how to showcase them properly. I am in love with the colors and the cut. I haven't done much with faceted stones, but wanted to be sure these briolettes didn't get too cluttered with the silver findings. I ended up doing a very simple sterling wrap around the top of the crystals and am thrilled with the outcome:

These will be hard for me to let go of. I often feel a weirdo sense of hesitation when someone wants to buy the jewelry I make, like I'm afraid the pieces might not be going to a good home. Ridiculous, absolutely. It's harder when I have struggled with a technique or am really drawn to the materials, even if I wouldn't actually wear them myself. Sometimes I chicken out completely and give the pieces to friends or family members because then, at least, I know they will be cared for and may get occasional visitation rights. Even though these were not particularly difficult for me to make, I am so taken with the crystals that I will have to stifle the urge to hoard them.

Switching gears, the twin girls next door are turning 16 later this week. I have thought many times over the past couple of years about surprising them with a cake and decided that if there was a year to do it, this was the one. So this afternoon, I delivered this giant cupcake cake to them:

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  1. ]The earrings are so light and springy :) It is hard to come up with new ideas for those cakes, you did a great job!!