Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lampwork jewelry

This weekend I used some of the lampwork beads I made over the past couple of weeks to make pendants and earrings. Ben worked with me, handing me the beads and pliers, humming as he helped. He has designed some pendants that we still need to finish...hopefully later this week.

The beads I posted last week, in finished form:

A couple of pairs of lampwork earrings:

...and two lampwork cupcake pendants (these almost didn't make it...I wasn't sure whether or not to go through with making them into pendants, but decided why not?) :

This week, I hope to take some inventory of what I have ready for the November show and make a plan to fill in the gaps. I have a few cakes to do between now and then, but it should all be fairly manageable...hopefully there will be more to post soon!


  1. Love the beads!! Especially the ones that sort of have an asian look to them (at least that is how they look to me!) VERY nice!

  2. Thanks, Janice! Sometimes getting back to that torch to do glass feels like starting over, but this time it wasn't so difficult...I am happy with how they turned out!